I am your poison candygram the love that's meant to fade away...

26 November 1981
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* My name is Sylvie.
* I am 28 years old.
* I'm coming from Montréal, Québec, Canada.
* I am usually a french speaker, so please accept my mistakes. It isn't easy to learn a second language.
* I am currently single, and quite frankly, not really looking.
* I am a Buffy the Vampire Slayer geek!
* I am also a Laurell K. Hamilton addict.
* And of course, an Anne Rice fan (vampire chronicles and Mayfair series).
* I have mood swings.
* I love playing around with photoshop.
* I work currently at Shaw Direct for over 3 years and I love my job.
* Want to know more? Why not just adding me and ask me to add you back?
* A picture is worth thousand of words.

This is me. Years ago, yes. But this is still me.

That is very simple. If you have a problem with:

- Bisexuality/homosexuality
- Typing mistakes or english mistakes
- Accepting other people's opinion

Do not add me.

Also, dear trolls friends... STAY AWAY.

* angelys_icons is my icon journal. Feel free to go take a look. Not updated often, sorry.
* lydiapandora is my artwork journal. Again, feel free to take a look. Not updated as often, though.